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  • Our company Ready Mix Concrete Bethnal Green has been around since 1998. Constant development and adaptation to the growing needs of our customers has meant that today we offer you a number of services related to the supply and production of concrete and concrete pumping. We have our own gravel pit and concrete plants thanks to which quality control is maintained at every stage of concrete and ballast production. In our park machinery includes various types of construction and transport equipment, including:concrete hammers, excavators, backhoe loaders, dump trucks, concrete pumps, volumetric vehicles. Through continuous development, investments in modern technologies, we are able to perform any order reliably and quickly, even in the most severe conditions, maintaining price competitiveness. We invite you to read with the offer of our Ready Mix Concrete Bethnal Green

  • Of course, different types of Bethnal Green concrete also differ in terms of the ingredients used for their production. The main core is of course water, aggregate and a hydraulic binder in the form of cement or cement combined with minerals. Water makes all three elements after mixing have the right consistency, it also plays a huge role in the concrete binding process. Aggregate is a filling, while the binder causes a physical and chemical reaction, which causes the hardening to harden. Unfortunately, these basic ingredients, although they allow obtaining proper density and strength, are also susceptible to damage. It often happens that raw concrete without additions delaminates or crumbles, and even good reinforcement cannot prevent this. Above all, however, each of them weighs a lot. All these properties mean that the screed cannot be used even in winter, because low temperatures lead to the fact that numerous cracks appear on the surface. We will choose the right concrete mix for your project. Contact a Ready Mix Concrete Bethnal Green advisor.

  • Our company Ready Mix Concrete Bethnal Green provides concrete transport within Bethnal Green and within a radius of 40 kilometers from our plant. Depending on the contract signed and customer expectations, we offer Concrete Delivery Bethnal Green using the following special vehicles: - concrete mixers, volumetric trucks, - dump trucks (including small two-axle dump trucks and large four-axle dump trucks) - self-unloading trailers for transporting loose materials Our drivers have extensive experience and skills in the proper selection of the arrival route to the construction site, and in our plant we prioritize the maintenance of high operational quality of all our cars. Use the Concrete Delivery Bethnal Green service.

  • Let us pump concrete Bethnal Green. Our company Ready Mix Concrete Bethnal Green provides the Concrete Pump Bethnal Green service. A few words about concrete pumping... Concrete pumps - these devices combine the features of a typical pear with multiple dimensions, constantly mixing concrete, as well as a car pump, which is able to reach any construction site. The concrete pump is equipped with a boom that guarantees the possibility of working in an area remote from the source of concrete, as well as on higher floors. At the same time, it is a device that specialists use mainly for small work, due to unsatisfactory performance . Increasing efficiency means an increase in component wear, making the pump unit not such a versatile pump model. We invite you to cooperate with RMC Bethnal Green.


  • We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the offer of our Ready Mix Concrete Bethnal Green, a concrete producer, covering various types of products - from bridge and ready-mixed concrete and screed mortars, through road slabs and other precast concrete, to road salt. Recently, we have expanded our range and range of services. Concrete production takes place at modern nodes ensuring an automatic, computer-controlled production process. Thanks to this, it is possible to produce concrete of the highest quality and constant strength parameters according to European standards. The recipes are prepared by high-class specialists from an independent laboratory. Each type of Bethnal Green concrete is constantly monitored thanks to which the customer receives a declaration of compliance and an approval for the manufactured goods. We work with various companies and universities in the field of development and laboratory research of Bethnal Green concrete mix and ready concrete.